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Welcome to Pickens County, Alabama! Situated in the heart of  one of the nation’s fastest growing regions in terms of population and economic growth, Pickens County is a wonderful place to live, start a business, raise a family, or even to just visit for a few days. Every street, home, and building have a unique story to tell that will surprise any visitor with its diverse history and heritage. The following information is an introduction to a few of the more key topics you may want to know about Pickens County Alabama, but we invite you to visit our whole website to learn more about our wonderful county. And if at any point you would like more information than we have on the website, please just contact us directly at:

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Pickens County, Alabama is a unique region of West Alabama where people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic level can all work together, go to school with one another, and socialize as a singular community. Despite difficult economic times nationally, especially for rural areas,  Pickens County Alabama has had a steady increase in per capita income since 2007. To read more in depth about the demographics of Pickens County Alabama and other characteristics such as housing and earnings, we recommend viewing the Pickens County Profile developed by The University of Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research.


Intelligent, hardworking, and dependable are words that help summarize the workforce here in Pickens County, Alabama. Within a 50-mile radius of central Pickens County, there is population of over 425,000 people, many of whom make up a highly skilled labor pool that has been affected in recent years by the national economic downturn. Many of Pickens County, Alabama’s primary industries can be seen up close simply by going for a drive. Pickens County Alabama works in partnership with state workforce training programs to provide the education and training these motivated workers need so that a business in any industry will be able to quickly and successfully staff their enterprise with the skilled workforce demanded. The fertile farmland and rich timber forests are only a few elements that have made Pickens County a primary location for agrarian-based industries. The natural resources available have historically been the primary basis for business in the region, but talk to some of our existing businesses and they will likely tell you that our real assets are our people and our location. To learn more about our workforce here in Pickens County, Alabama, click here.


Businesses in Pickens County, AL are within a one day drive to any major market from as far west as Dallas, TX, the Atlantic Coast to the east, and Lake Erie to the north. There are multiple ports in Pickens County along the Tennessee- Tombigbee Waterway to transport raw materials, bulk products, and finished products through an inland waterway system linking the Port of Mobile to 4,500 miles of navigable waterways serving mid-America. Two railroads in Pickens County, AL provide access to all of the North America via their connection to one of the five Class I railroads operating in Alabama. Commercial and passenger airports are close by for business or personal flights. Please click here to learn more about the transportation infrastructure in Pickens County Alabama.

Quality of Life

With the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains a few hours north, the pristine Alabama Gulf Coast beaches a few hours south, and lush green fields and flowing rivers between, west Alabama is a true beauty. Walking, driving, biking or paddling through Pickens County Alabama is a treat that many people across the country dream about. Add in one of the lowest costs of living in the nation, a quality education system, and proximity  to world class health care, and it is no wonder why people are saying great things about Pickens County, Alabama. Come visit, or click here to learn more about living in Pickens County.